Passivhaus Passivhaus is a quality assurance standard that guarantees a radically low consumption of energy together with an optimum level of internal comfort. The most rigorous energy standard in Europe, Passivhaus is guaranteed by a series of technical standards and tests and a tough certification process.

Passivhaus is relatively new in the UK, but over a twenty year period in Europe, monitored energy savings have been proved at around 80% compared to current standard new houses in the UK.

Passivhaus offers very tangible benefits to customers. It achieves houses designed to a rigorous and defined energy standard – akin to miles per gallon by a car – expressed as 15 kilowatt hours (kWh) per square metre of house.

Specifically it achieves reductions in heating energy consumption of around 80% compared to houses built to UK building regulations, resulting in heating costs of less than £50 a year for a 3 bedroom house. With gas and electricity prices increasing 15 – 30% each year, reducing consumption is the only robust solution.

In the last 3 years, Passivhaus has rapidly taken off in the UK and Architype are currently leading its introduction, with the first UK Passivhaus schools completed and a range of residential projects in progress.

Passivhaus offers clearer standards with more tangible benefits than the UK’s ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’, and is expected to become a regulatory requirement within 5 years.

ArchiHaus is leading the UK market by adopting Passivhaus as standard for our houses.


'The principles of passivhaus - reducing the heating costs of a typical 3 bedroom house to less that £50/year'
Drawn by ECD Architects for Passivhaus Trust