Our Vision

In light of the challenges we and local communities face, we aim to develop ‘living villages’ that are created through using innovative approaches that enable communities to be and become more sustainable and resilient to economic and social pressures.

Our first living village developments will be located in Herefordshire, where we are based, and where the challenges facing rural communities are particularly acute.

We are working with existing local communities, through open and engaging consultation, to create appropriate developments of high quality energy efficient houses, and develop ways of enhancing existing, and creating new community facilities.

We will build our houses to Passivhaus – the most rigorous energy standard in Europe, achieving heating costs of less than £50 per year, to eliminate any issues of fuel poverty.

We are creating a new state of the art ‘house factory’ in Herefordshire, in order to build our houses at an affordable cost that is competitive with standard houses.

Our factory will provide new skilled employment and training opportunities for local people, who will efficiently manufacture high quality houses.